Ositech’s Environmental Policy

Ositech is committed to a clean, healthy working environment and providing our customers with environmentally compliant products. We believe that a sound environmental policy contributes to our competitive strength, benefits our customers, and employees by contributing to the overall well being of the global community that we serve.

Ositech will:

  • Continually monitor and comply with the letter and spirit of local, regional and national laws and regulations, global environmental laws and regulations of the countries where we manufacture and to whom we distribute.
  • Consider environmental factors when making purchasing, planning and operating decisions.
  • Work continuously to improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system.
  • Provide appropriate environmental training and educate our employees to be environmentally responsible.
  • Monitor our environmental process through regular evaluations by internal and external audits and testing.
  • Seek to prevent pollution before it is produced by reducing the amount of waste at our facility and by supporting the pollution prevention initiatives of our customers and suppliers.
  • Manage environmental resources in a sensitive manner.
  • Re-use and recycle whenever possible.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of environmentally hazardous substances from manufacturing and work with supplier’s to aggressively move towards higher standards of reduction.
  • Work cooperatively to further common environmental objectives.
  • Communicate and reinforce this policy throughout our organization and that of our supplier’s.

Contacting Us

Should you have questions regarding this Environmental policy, please contact us as described below.

Tel: 519-836-8063

Environment Officer
Ositech Communications Inc.
430 Laird Road
Guelph, Ontario N1G 3X7

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