Connected4Life – Goal is to help increase survival rates of Out of Hospital SCA victims

This dashboard function enables the PAD management team to remotely monitor in real-time the readiness status of each monitored AED and its current location with the goal to have the AEDs always be ready and available for use in an emergency. This efficient method enables the PAD management team to maintain near 100% uptime for every monitored AED in their area and saves time compared to manual monitoring which involves regular physically checking of each AED.

The dashboard also provides related supporting functions such as database of each monitored AED, new AEDs getting installed and registered in their area along with each AED’s service data such as Pads expiry date and battery replacement alerts for efficient proactive maintenance.

Connect4Life - PAD Management Dashboard


  • 24/7 monitoring of AED location, readiness status, availability and accessibility for EMS
  • Remote activation of Audio, Visual, indicators on AED cabinet to draw attention to its location for quick retrieval of AED
  • Integrated Guardian Angels Network to Alert trained persons nearby for help
  • Public WiFi hotspots to serve SCA, CPR and AED use related awareness information
  • Trainer kiosks placed in Airports, Shopping centers and other public places for promoting AED use and CPR training