Connected4Life – Goal is to help increase survival rates of Out of Hospital SCA victims

24/7 Monitored AED Cabinet

The monitored cabinet is a central device in the Connected4Life ecosystem. It regularly reports the AED’s readiness status, its current location, availability, and accessibility information to the system. During an SCA event nearby, the cabinet-mounted visual and audio indicators can be remotely activated by the EMS dispatcher to assist in quick identification of location and retrieval of the AED by the lay-person, bystander on their way to get the AED. This saves valuable time.

Sensors in the cabinet monitor and report whenever the AED cabinet door is opened or when the AED is removed from the cabinet. This can provide an advance indication of an SCA event nearby, at times even before a 911 call for medical emergency is received by the EMS.

The cabinet is equipped with operational features like local or remote arming or disarming or locking or unlocking of the cabinet. A key FOB or Smartphone can be used locally to perform this operation while facilitating unique individual identification for the system. The cabinet’s outward-looking camera takes a picture of the person opening the door when the cabinet is armed. Also, pictures of what it sees at regular interval are compared using AI to ascertain if the cabinet location may have changed.

Connect4Life - Training Kiosk

  • 24/7 monitoring of AED location, readiness status, availability and accessibility for EMS
  • Remote activation of Audio, Visual, indicators on AED cabinet to draw attention to its location for quick retrieval of AED
  • Integrated Guardian Angels Network to Alert trained persons nearby for help
  • Public WiFi hotspots to serve SCA, CPR and AED use related awareness information
  • Trainer kiosks placed in Airports, Shopping centers and other public places for promoting AED use and CPR training