Connected4Life – Goal is to help increase survival rates of Out of Hospital SCA victims

Human nature makes one hesitate before undertaking a task for the first time, especially in a stressful situation. However if it has been practiced beforehand in a non-stressful way, the individual having felt comfortable with the experience is more likely to step forward when required for an emergency.

A Training Kiosk in the Connected4Life ecosystem conveniently located at an Airport, Railway Station, Bus Station, Shopping Center, Hospital etc. provides a fun leisurely way to learn about SCA, CPR and AED use by providing an opportunity to experience it firsthand so one can feel comfortable with it and experience how easy it is.

Each user may identify themself to the system by an alias. This allows them to use different training kiosks at different times and at different places to progress in their proficiency of doing CPR and using an AED. Once they have progressed to a pre-defined proficiency level, they are invited to give a timed test and upon successful completion are informed that they can be comfortable in volunteering whenever they witness a need for it.

They are also invited to become a Guardian Angel, which is a group of public individuals at large willing to assist if they happen to be nearby an emergency event such as SCA. Upon acceptance they are allowed to download the Guardian Angel app into their Smartphone.

Connect4Life - Training Kiosk


  • 24/7 monitoring of AED location, readiness status, availability and accessibility for EMS
  • Remote activation of Audio, Visual, indicators on AED cabinet to draw attention to its location for quick retrieval of AED
  • Integrated Guardian Angels Network to Alert trained persons nearby for help
  • Public WiFi hotspots to serve SCA, CPR and AED use related awareness information
  • Trainer kiosks placed in Airports, Shopping centers and other public places for promoting AED use and CPR training