Connected4Life – Goal is to help increase survival rates of Out of Hospital SCA victims

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels in the Connected4Life ecosystem can be healthcare professionals, fire, police, trained personal who have accepted to become Guardian Angels at large. They are allowed to download the Guardian Angel app into their Smartphones and agree to be alerted for help in case of an emergency when they happen to be nearby.

Whenever the Connected4Life system is activated for an emergency like a SCA event, the system quickly determines Guardian Angels nearby to the event location and sends out an Alert message to their Smartphones asking for their help. Those who accept get their Smartphones activated for the duration of the event, to communicate and impact behaviour of other devices in the Connected4Life ecosystem around them such as the Audio Visual indicators on the AED cabinets. All working together to provide required assistance to the person in need quickly and in the least possible time.

The responding Guardian Angels are provided detailed situational awareness information on required resources available to them nearby. Real time guidance is provided on quickest route to the event location or the required asset such as an AED.

Connect4Life - Guardian AngelConnected4Life

  • 24/7 monitoring of AED location, readiness status, availability and accessibility for EMS
  • Remote activation of Audio, Visual, indicators on AED cabinet to draw attention to its location for quick retrieval of AED
  • Integrated Guardian Angels Network to Alert trained persons nearby for help
  • Public WiFi hotspots to serve SCA, CPR and AED use related awareness information
  • Trainer kiosks placed in Airports, Shopping centers and other public places for promoting AED use and CPR training