Connected4Life – Goal is to help increase survival rates of Out of Hospital SCA victims

Awareness Serving Unit

A big part of the challenge to improve survival rates of SCA victims in public is awareness and comfort level among the layperson, and bystander witnessing it. Beyond calling 911, they hesitate to engage further in stepping forward to assist with CPR and AED use. This hesitation uses up valuable minutes for the victim or loved one in desperate need of help by the bystander as loss of consciousness occurs within 10 seconds.

The Awareness Serving Unit in the Connected4Life ecosystem takes a unique approach by capitalizing on the ubiquitous use of Smartphones and the desire to be connected to the Internet at all times. This makes it a common practice among Smartphone users to look for an open WiFi access point in public places to use for continued connectivity to the Internet.

The Awareness Serving Unit acts as an open WiFi hot spot with names such as “Be a Hero, Save a Life” or AEDs save Lives” or “Save a loved one’s Life” etc to inspire the Smartphone user engaging with it. The connecting user is served with a short capsule of information answering the following:

  • What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • What is an AED, Why its use is critical to restore normal heart rhythm in an SCA victim
  • How easy it is to provide CPR and use an AED for saving a life
  • Good Samaritan laws to protect bystander volunteering assistance to people in need from any liability

The information capsule served by the ASU can be remotely updated or replaced with appropriate messaging for flexibility in relation to ASU deployed location. Sponsoring organizations for the unit can put their logo at the very start and can have their own call to action at the end.

The unit records interaction data for future trends or statistical analysis.

Connect4Life - Awareness Serving Unit

  • 24/7 monitoring of AED location, readiness status, availability and accessibility for EMS
  • Remote activation of Audio, Visual, indicators on AED cabinet to draw attention to its location for quick retrieval of AED
  • Integrated Guardian Angels Network to Alert trained persons nearby for help
  • Public WiFi hotspots to serve SCA, CPR and AED use related awareness information
  • Trainer kiosks placed in Airports, Shopping centers and other public places for promoting AED use and CPR training