Titan III-R offers compact and light weight design for use in applications requiring connected devices (WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Serial, and Ethernet) to communicate over WiFi, Cellular GSM or CDMA broadband networks for mobile communications. Additional feature like GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Digital Compass, Audio codec make it a versatile In Vehicle Communication Hub for applications requiring transmission of information to remote servers.

The Titan provides a variety of ways to receive device data and can be configured with interfaces such as Bluetooth, Serial, USB, and Ethernet. Titan modular architecture also allows custom interfaces to be implemented quickly reducing project concept to deployment times.

Titan design additionally offers options such as recording of Site Audio and its transmission, GPS for accurate location, Gyroscope, Compass and Accelerometer to expand its usability in custom applications requiring such functions. Contact Ositech to discuss your application and the Titan III-R configuration you need.

Titan III Mobile Wireless Router

Titan III Router

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