The Philips Wireless Link powered by the Titan II provides seamless WiFi 802 b/g and 3G cellular connectivity to the Philips HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator. Its low power design, small footprint and weight make it an ideal companion to this ALS device providing it reliable connectivity to upload time critical patient information to the Philips HeartStart Telemedicine System.

The HeartStart Telemedicine System quickly sends and share critical inbound patient data ahead of arrival. The HeartStart Telemedicine System smoothly transfers objective data to the next care facility, helping speed response times and drive effective patient therapy. The HeartStart Telemedicine System can be located in a hospital (where it might be shared by several facilities), or at the emergency dispatch center. Either way, you have the flexibility to define workflows around the way you work.


The Wireless Link is exclusively available from Philips Healthcare. Contact your Philips rep.

Philips ordering part numbers for Wireless Link:

MRx Wireless Link Upgrade-Verizon: 860376
MRx Wireless Link Upgrade-AT&T: 860377
MRx Wireless Link Upgrade-Generic: 860378
MRx Generic Wireless Link for Bluetooth: 860383
MRx Verizon Wireless Link for Bluetooth: 860384
MRx AT&T Wireless Link for Bluetooth: 860385