COVID-19 Workplace Screening App FAQ

Q: Is this application available for Windows?

A:No. The App is only available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Q: What versions of iOS and Android is required for this application?

A: We have tested the App with iOS Version 10.3.4 and higher as well as Android Version 6.0.1 onwards.

Q: Will this application run on any smartphone and tablet?

A: We have tested the App on smartphones from various known manufacturers. However, we cannot guarantee that the App will work as intended on all smartphones.

Q: Are there any hidden costs associated with using this application?

A: No. This is a completely free App with no time limitations whatsoever. The checklist is sent in text format to minimize the amount of data used. Each time you send a checklist, about 1KB of data is used.

Q: I do not want to install (or I do not use email) from my smartphone. Is there an alternative?

A: You can send the checklist by Text message. The checklist will have the phone number of your smartphone as the sender instead of your email address. This way your company administrator can contact you in the event you were exposed to someone with COVID symptoms.

Q: Can I use a smartphone/tablet that has neither email nor a SIM card installed?

A: To send the checklist by email, you need either WiFi or a cellular connection. To send the checklist by Text message you must have a cellular connection.

Q: Can I suggest corrections/modifications for making this application more useful?

A: Suggestions are always welcome, although we cannot promise all suggestions will be implemented. Please send your suggestions using the Feedback button in the App.

Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

A: This application does not send checklist or user location to the developer or another party. Any information collected is only for improving the App for its user experience it provides or communication with the user.
The developer always welcomes user feedback about this application such as suggestions on enhancements or new features. User feedback is optional, and should the user decide to provide feedback, the user information remains with the developer and is not shared with anyone outside the developer.

Q:  We have requirements for mobile application development. Who should I contact?

A: We develop custom mobile Apps and would be happy to talk to you about your requirements. Please use the Feedback and provide us some details on the type of App and how you can be contacted. We will get in touch with you.

Trouble Shooting FAQs

Q: How to configure an email account under iOS?

A: If you want to use email to send the checklist, you need to configure an email account as described in iOS – Add Email Account, then make that email account your Default Mail App. Even though you can send and receive emails using the App specifically for an email provider (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, …), unless the account exists under Settings -> Mail and is also the Default Mail App, the C-Screener App cannot use the email account.

Q: When sending the checklist by Email, under iOS I get the pop-up message “Alert default mail app not available”. What should I do?

A: If trying to send the checklist via email you may get the message “default mail app not available”, yet you do have email access on your iPhone or iPad. See the FAQ on how to “How to configure email account under iOS” above to remedy this issue.

Q: How to configure an email account under Android?

A: By default, Android comes preinstalled with Gmail, some Samsung devices may instead come preinstalled with Samsung Email. You may also opt to install your own email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and others. Regardless of the email client installed it needs to be configured properly, see the documentation available for your specific email client (Android email app). Once configured you must be able to exchange email messages in order for the C-Screener App to operate properly if sending the checklist by email.

Q: Under Android, I get the pop-up message “Alert no email Managers available”. What should I do?

A: If trying to send the checklist via email you may get the message “no email Managers available”, this indicates that no email client has been installed or enabled on Android. See the FAQ on how to “How to configure email account under Android” to remedy this issue.

Q: What is the purpose of the “Name List” in the main menu and how to use it?

A: A Name List is associated with a profile. Make sure that the current default profile, highlighted in red on the Profile List, is the profile that has the Name List you are looking for. Refer to “How To” for detailed instructions on Profiles and Name Lists.

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