Prevention of food borne illness and delivery of fresh food to market requires complex monitoring of the supply chain to ensure food safety starting from source, preparation, packing, handling, transportation, storage etc.

The Food Safety Modernization Act written by the FDA and the Safe Food for Canadians Act written by the CFIA are now fully enforced. Any business in the supply chain operation that comes into contact with food, drugs or cosmetic products requires a digital audit trail to storyboard the handling of these products complying with the regulatory requirements. Critical factors such as air temperature, food temperature, pH, moisture, oxygen and light sensitivity are few examples of the conditions that need to be monitored. Violations are costly and wasteful!

BlueRover in partnership with Ositech has developed a turnkey system to facilitate monitoring, control and management of your related operations to cost effectively and efficiently comply to these regulatory requirements. The system seamlessly integrates various sensors regularly reporting their respective data to your Command-&-Control center for immediate action to ensure safe delivery of food in the supply chain.

Food Supply Chain Safety
Owners and employees can now connect to their assets like never before. With all-the-time mobile computing and real-time dashboards, problems are identified right away and action taken immediately.

Satisfied users of the system already include organizations such as Wawa Inc, Brinks, CN Rail and others.

Blue Rover

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